Interesting trivia about Wes Anderson movies

In honor of Isle of Dogs coming out this week, I’ve put together this fun little trivia database. Here are some highlights:

  • 13 actors have been in another Wes Anderson movie
    • Bill Murray
    • Jason Schwartzman
    • Tilda Swinton
    • Jeff Goldblum
    • Edward Norton
    • Bob Balaban
    • Anjelica Huston
    • Roman Coppola
    • Frances McDormand
    • Kara Hayward
    • Harvey Keitel
    • F. Murray Abraham
    • Fisher Stevens
  • 6 actors have all been in the last 3 Wes Anderson movies
    (Isle of Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel & Moonrise Kingdom):

    • Bill Murray
    • Jason Schwartzman
    • Tilda Swinton
    • Edward Norton
    • Bob Balaban
    • Harvey Keitel
  • Owen Wilson and Roman Coppola are now tied with the number of movies written with Wes Anderson (3) and both have been nominated for an Oscar.
    • Owen Wilson: 2002 Oscar Nominee for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen: Wes Anderson, Owen Wilson [The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)], Rushmore, Bottle Rocket
    • Roman Coppola: 2013 Oscar Nominee for Best Writing, Original Screenplay: Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola [Moonrise Kingdom (2012)], Isle of Dogs, The Darjeeling Limited
  • Wes Anderson uses the same cinematographers.
    • Tristan Oliver: Isle of Dogs & Fantastic Mr Fox
    • Robert D. Yeoman: 2015 Oscar Nominee for Best Achievement in Cinematography: Robert D. Yeoman [The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)], Moonrise Kingdom, The Darjeeling Limited, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, Bottle Rocket

Review: ‘THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE’ is a glorious romp with bite.



THERAPY FOR A VAMPIREtherapy for a vampire poster

A Film by David Ruehm

Opening in New York and Los Angeles June 10th 

therapy fpo a vamp Freud and count

How long do you have to be a couple in order to know everything about the other person? A few months? A few years? Does your lover leave their socks on the bedroom floor instead of putting them in the hamper? Do they slurp their soup, even in public. Is their neediness just too much to bear sometimes? How long is too long to have to endure these annoying habits?  In the new festival favorite finally coming to theaters, THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE, 500 years is enough.

Running Time: 87 minutes 

Vienna, 1932. Count von Közsnöm (Tobias Moretti) has lost his thirst for life, and his eternally long marriage to Countess Gräfin Elsa von Közsnöm (Jeanette Hain) cooled centuries ago. Fortunately, Sigmund Freud (Karl Fischer), with his innovative new approach to solving life’s existential problems, is accepting new patients. During their strictly nocturnal sessions, the good doctor suggests the Count appease his vain wife, desperate to see her own reflection, by commissioning a portrait of her by his assistant, Viktor (Dominic Oley), an aspiring painter. But it’s Viktor’s headstrong girlfriend Lucy (Cornelia Ivancan) who most intrigues the Count, convinced she’s the reincarnation of his one true love. Soon, the whole crowd is a hilarious mess of mistaken identities and misplaced affections in this send -up of the vampire genre, proving once and for all that 500 years of marriage is enough. 


Writer/Director David Ruehm‘s script could not be funnier. The dialogue is filled to the brim with clever double entendre. Using Freud as a go-between was a massively ingenious choice, using his dream analysis and general beliefs as a backdrop for a film that is, in all accounts, about relationships and their deeper meaning. The story is a fantastical cat and mouse game, centered around longing, jealousy, boredom, and vanity. There is not a loose end when it comes to performances. For a brief moment, I tried to imagine an American version of this film and could not think of any other actors that would have done the roles justice. Tobias Moretti, as the Count, might very well be an actual vampire for all I know. His natural comic timing is a pure delight to watch. Jeanette Hain, as the Countess, is seductive and a sheer wonder to behold on-screen. Cornelia Ivancan, as Lucy, is effortless in her 1930’s ingenue look and quirkiness. Dominic Oley‘s portrayal of Viktor is dashing and adorable all in one, as a man who idolizes his restless lover. Karl Fischer, as Dr. Freud, is genuinely funny and endearing. The cast’s chemistry is immaculate from end to end. Vampire_-_2The cinematography from Austria’s preeminent DP Martin Gschlacht (Goodnight MommyOscar-nominated Revanche) is splendid. The sets are meticulous and the costuming is both period appropriate and completely innovative. I have nothing but absolute love for this film. If Wes Andserson ever made a vampire rom-com, THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE might look something like the final product. The film has been making the rounds at film festivals for quite some time, and racking up awards as a result. No matter the state of your relationship, everyone, (living or undead) will relate to how the comedy plays out on-screen. The film is nothing short of brilliant.

Official Website: 

Awards & Festivals

  • Winner, Audience Award – Fantasia International Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Zurich Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Sarasota Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Minneapolis / St. Paul Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Secret Film Festival, Santa Cruz

Dot & Bo Hearts Wes Anderson and so do we.


One of my favorite sites for decor is Dot & Bo. This morning’s email was titled “The Grand Storyteller of Design”. I love that they are just as big a fan of Wes Anderson as we are. Check out there merchandise that clearly would make this director smile.

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The Grand Storyteller of Design

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Wes Anderson interiros bookWes Anderson Prussian Chair Dor&BoWes Anderson Turntable Dot&BoWes Anderson Glamping_Teepee Dot&BoWes Anderson_Foxy_Stacking_Mugs0Dot&BoWes Anderson_Yellow_Submarine_Reusable_Ice_Cubes-Set_of_6 Dot &Bo

Liz’s Review: ‘DOOMSDAYS’ are indeed coming, so you might as well laugh it up until then

doomsdays one sheet

If Wes Anderson made a movie with 1/50th of his usual budget and a cast of indie gems, you’d have the new pre-apocalyptic comedy DOOMSDAYS. Since post-apocalyptic films are all the rage these days, the concept of a precursor is already funny in it’s own right. The story revolves around two eccentric slackers extraordinaire who have a penchant for breaking into vacation homes in the Catskills. Why, you might ask? Well, the world’s need for oil as a natural resource is rapidly running into a bit of a snafu since mother nature is none  too pleased with the choice, besides the fact that when it does eventually and inevitably run out, life as we know it essentially fucked. So, before this becomes a major reality, Dirty Fred and Bruho have decided that the vagabond lifestyle is the bees knees. Using existing resources left behind by these dwellings owners, these two gentleman roam the countryside of upstate New York living a life relatively free of consequences from ‘the man’. Once they run into a teen runaway and wanderlust filled young woman, the small group dynamic shifts dramatically. doomsdays still oneFilled with sharp and witty dialogue that’s just weird enough to be both funny and face-palmy (new word), Doomsdays is like nothing you expect it to be. Scenes filled with nothing become everything. There is no technology in this film. No cell phones, no television, and no working laptops, allow conversation and contemplation to become the main focus of this unusual film. With a strangely adorable slice of buddy comedy mixed in, it’s a film any indie buff would be proud to have in his/her back pocket of greatness. Reyna and Fred Gallery 4KWriter/Director Eddie Mullins clearly knows his shit. Besides the obvious writing talent, his use of a singular stationary camera is a perfect fit for this piece. The structure is laid out in a month long calendar style, which only adds to the great pacing. The original score by Bang And Yell is catchy and really well placed. Justin Rice as Dirty Fred is a pretentious nutter but completely lovable.  Leo Fitzpatrick plays Bruho with a genuine curmudgeonly edge. Brian Charles Johnson, who this theater nerd recognized from Broadway’s Spring Awakening, is young Jaidon. Comic timing of a master and excitable enthusiasm of a star, I loved him. Laura Campbell is Reyna. Not so different from the rest of the crew, this seemingly normal woman is just as damaged and adventurous as the boys. These four have an incredible chemistry which makes me ponder the amount of rehearsal time everyone had together, which is clearly a total compliment.Punching game DoomsdaysDoomsdays is ultimately a story about adjusting to other people’s odd idiosyncrasies. This film nails all the things we wish we could get away with doing and saying. I highly recommend catching this unique indie this weekend. DOOMSDAYS comes to theaters and VOD Fridsay, June 5th.

Jeremy’s Review: Justin Reardon’s “Playing It Cool” Holds a Mirror Up to the Rom-Com Genre with Varied Success

Playing It Cool_PosterI’ve stated this before a few times, but romantic comedies aren’t traditionally films that I will watch. Most of them are ill-conceived and rife with so many cliches that are so bad they make me want to punch my own face. From time to time, some stand out and rise above the all-too familiar trappings of being a romantic comedy (Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything is a perfect example) and that’s just what Justin Reardon‘s Playing It Cool aims to do. The film is what essentially is a meta-romantic comedy, think the Scream of the romantic comedy genre. But is it successful? Playing It Cool_Still01

The narrator and protagonist (played by Chris Evans) is a screenwriter hired to write…a romantic comedy (how meta is that)! The problem is he’s never been in love, and in fact has done everything he can to avoid it, so he is struggling to find his story and meet his deadline despite pleas from his agent (played by Evans‘s Avengers co-star Anthony Mackie). When the narrator (no, he doesn’t have a real name in the film) gets dragged to a charity benefit with his friend Scott (Topher Grace), he meets Her (she, too, has no name but is played by the exquisite Michelle Monaghan) and as would happen in your standard rom-com, they share a moment or at least the narrator thinks so. After they part, he can’t stop thinking about her so he embarks on a whirlwind tour of all the charity events he can find. Of course, he finally meets her again at an event. They talk more and of course, she’s got a boyfriend. But does that stop him? HELL NO! This is a romantic comedy, after all. The pursuit begins and it’s clear that the narrator has fallen for Her. His group of friends (played by Grace, Luke Wilson, Aubrey Plaza and Martin Starr) give him varying degrees of advice, some good, most of it bad. So the narrator is left to figure out what his approach should be. Does he get the girl? Remember, even a meta-rom com is still a rom com.

Playing It Cool_Still06

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this film, but I enjoyed it. Evans and Monaghan have real chemistry together, which obviously is key for a film like this. Monaghan really stands out, though. She is everything that a paramour should be in a romantic comedy – funny, pretty, witty and vulnerable. Evans does an admirable job stepping outside his more action-based filmography (his best role being in Danny Boyle‘s Sunshine). A lot hinges on how these two actors interact and they pull it off well. Writers Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair did a fantastic job deconstructing the romantic comedy genre and employing its more ridiculous conventions in funny ways right down to using the same cafe/diner that appears in every other romantic comedy. Honestly, I wish they would have eviscerated it a bit more, but I guess that may be too much to ask. The scenes with the narrator and his group of friends are the absolute highlight of the film, although I would liked to have seen more Martin Starr. Luke Wilson gets back to his early Wes Anderson-film form, which is nice to see since he been in a pile of shitty movies since Idiocracy.

Playing It Cool_Still02

All in all, Playing It Cool is a satisfying experience and one that may well surprise you. This film opens today in theaters and will be the perfect antidote to the universally panned and borderline offensive Hot Pursuit. Monaghan‘s infectious performance is worth the price of admission. Here is the list of theaters where it is playing and it is also available On Demand as well.

22 Reasons Why The Cast Loved Working On ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

Grand Budapest Hotel-00037Re-releasing in theaters, The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of my favorite films of 2014. Now it’s been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Production Design, Best Costume, Best Makeup & Hairstyling and Best Original Score. So it’s safe to say, people like it. When speaking with the cast for the original release last March, the cast spoke almost exclusively on how much they loved working on this movie. Here are some of the best moments. Enjoy! Read More →

Winners of the 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards Have Been Announced


The 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards took place last night at the Hollywood Palladium, hosted by Michael Strahan, broadcast live on A&E.

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood as well as Alejandro G. Iñarritu’s Birdman were among the top winners along with Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Read More →

Heartland Film Festival 2014 Jeremy’s Review/Interview: ‘Ben’s at Home’ Is an Incredibly Engaging and Delightful Comedy + Interview with Co-writer/Director Mars Horodyski & Co-writer/Star Dan Abramovici

BENS_AT_HOME_POSTER-731x1024Neil Sedaka famously sang in that once ubiquitous 60s song that breaking up is hard to do. When people are forced out of relationships, they can take it a number of ways, right? Some people move on without hesitation, others get terribly emotional and cry, while others attempt great romantic gestures meant to win back the heart of their love. And some, they just internalize the pain, retreat from friends and family, and do their best to avoid anything that can hurt them again in the same way. And that’s what happens in the wonderful comedy Ben’s at Home, co-written and directed by Mars Horodyski. Read More →

Jeremy’s Review: Peter Glanz’s ‘The Longest Week’ Is What Happens When Wes Anderson and Woody Allen Films Mate…But Is That a Good Thing?

The Longest Week - PosterFresh with master shots, sly camera movements and clever inserts of nostalgic items such as record players flush with witty conversations on the meaning of life, sex and relationships, Peter Glanz‘s The Longest Week wears its influences on its sleeve – Wes Anderson and Woody Allen are everywhere in this film. The economic status of the characters could easily lead us to the New York comedies of Whit Stillman (Metropolitan in particular – the Jane Austen chatter alone pushes this). With all that cinematic genius being channeled, as the title of this article asks, is this a good thing? Maybe, maybe not. Read More →