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Founders / Team

Liz Whittemore aka IndieBizLiz
Managing Editor / Girls on Film Podcast Host
Actor / Singer / Dancer / Writer / Producer / Adventurer / New Englander / AMDA Alum / Wifey / MBAMrs / Whovian / Literary Sponge / Odd Duck / Pot Stirrer / Awesome Gal
Follow on Twitter @Liz_Whittemore

Melissa Hanson aka Dial M For Melissa
Managing Editor / Podcast Producer
Growing up, Melissa’s favorite destination was always the video store and would agonize over whether to watch something new or to rewatch a favorite. Things have not changed.
Follow on Twitter @DialMForMelissa 

Roxxan Hanson
Director of Finance


Jeremy Harmon
Senior Writer
He is Jeremy Harmon aka Spirit of the Thing aka Harmonov. Once a Van Damme/action movie devotee, he now prefers to delve into small budget, independent and foreign films. Jeremy maintains that Slap Shot is the best movie ever. Follow him on Twitter @harmonov or read his new blog @ http://spiritofthething.wordpress.com/

Michael Petrelli
The Reel Big Show Podcast Host / Senior Writer

Jordan Jenkins
Contributing Writer

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