Indy Film Fest Fave ‘Ben’s at Home’ is Getting a Web Series…Hell Yes

bens at home - posterI was happy today to get news that one of my fave films of 2014, Ben’s at Home, is in the process of getting made into a web series. I was lucky enough to catch the film at the Indy Film Fest and had the fantastic opportunity to speak with both co-writer/star Dan Abramovici and co-writer/director Mars Horodyski about the film and their process. You can catch my review here.The basics of the plot is a guy who goes through a bad breakup decides not to leave his house…ever. Everything he needs, he can get sent to his house. Why leave?

So, there is a way that you (yes you!) can help out the Ben’s at Home team. Watch the teaser below and throw a comment their way on YouTube. The Canadian-based filmmakers are looking to get funding through Canada’s Independent Production Fund to get this thing off the ground. So what harm can that do? The film was funny, witty and topical and I expect the web series will expand on what Ben is up to now.

Get there, people. I’m really excited about this project and you should be too.

Heartland Film Festival 2014 Jeremy’s Review/Interview: ‘Ben’s at Home’ Is an Incredibly Engaging and Delightful Comedy + Interview with Co-writer/Director Mars Horodyski & Co-writer/Star Dan Abramovici

BENS_AT_HOME_POSTER-731x1024Neil Sedaka famously sang in that once ubiquitous 60s song that breaking up is hard to do. When people are forced out of relationships, they can take it a number of ways, right? Some people move on without hesitation, others get terribly emotional and cry, while others attempt great romantic gestures meant to win back the heart of their love. And some, they just internalize the pain, retreat from friends and family, and do their best to avoid anything that can hurt them again in the same way. And that’s what happens in the wonderful comedy Ben’s at Home, co-written and directed by Mars Horodyski. Read More →