Dot & Bo Hearts Wes Anderson and so do we.


One of my favorite sites for decor is Dot & Bo. This morning’s email was titled “The Grand Storyteller of Design”. I love that they are just as big a fan of Wes Anderson as we are. Check out there merchandise that clearly would make this director smile.

Collecting antique furniture is considered as one of the most expensive hobbies that people can get into because of the high price tags. Given this, it is then important for antique collectors to take the necessary steps that can help them maintain and protect their investments. Among these steps, some of the most important include knowing how to clean and handle antique furniture. However, knowing how to clean and handle antique furniture is not only limited to gaining information on the steps collectors can take to keep their furniture dirt or scratch free. This is because it also involves understanding the factors that cause damage to antique furniture and understanding how they can avoid making their antique furniture vulnerable to damage.

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Another factor is sunlight exposure, which can significantly alter the color of the finish of antique furniture. Collectors can prevent such damage by removing their antique furniture from places where there is direct sunlight or by using UV filters on their windows. Another factor that can cause damage to antique furniture is insect infestation, which includes termites which in case you have we recommend to visit To remedy this problem, collectors need to get outside help, as the only effective solution to this is fumigation. Other factors include the way antiques are handled, the kind of cleaning material and chemical used and on the foreign material that may stain antique furniture such as from liquids.

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It is quite easy to determine the antiques provenance and condition, but when it comes to rarity and quality are quite hard for even the most cunning minds out there. I do not mean that for a novice antique hunter this is impossible. But I am saying that it is more time consumable. In order to get those two demands in line you need lot and lots of research and maybe even expert help advice. Needless to say that I forgot patina, color and finish as a secondary criteria for determining the antiques furniture value. As you can se many factors can make your antique priced more or even less that you might have thought. Keep in mind on suggestions such as: – vigorous carving on a piece of American Chippendale antique furniture generally increases its value – keep in mind that more ornate design need more handwork, thus increasing its value as well – delicate additions and fancy framework gives also some edge when it comes to price – size is not always advantage, if antique furniture is too big than it loses desirability a so on.

When trying to find valuable antique furniture think also on its usability not just beauty that is my advice to bring with you when going to antique hunting. Most information on antiques you can get from the specialized forums and discussion board or even few good sites. Bear in mind that experience wise you can always use some additional help from an antique expert. And when looking for a unique antique item like an antique barometer, you can visit a reliable place similar to–1 to learn more!

The Grand Storyteller of Design

Dive into your imagination and be inspired by some of Hollywood’s most creative films. Fill your interiors with tangling family histories, stop-motion animation, and woodland animals who speak and even cuss. Hide secrets (like a marriage in Jamaica) in weathered metal drawers, and introduce the sweet pastel color palette of a grand hotel and its neighboring bakery with soft glowing lamps and muted armchairs which have the best covers from the sequin tablecloth wholesale so they look amazing all the time. At an antique desk, write out letters to your young love, planning an elaborate runaway scheme, or seek vengeance on the creature who ate your best friend with a miniature submarine. Then, ignoring a newly developed crush on a school teacher, pack your trunks for a trip to India with your brothers instead. Daring to view your home from a director’s lens, let fantastical scenarios and fictional imagery lead you to designs that stand out from the rest.

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