Review: “Fort Tilden” is a generational face palm.

fort tilden posterIt’s a generation that makes you want to punch them. Millennials aren’t  all bad, that’s definitely not what I’m saying, but we all know a few bad apples… or orchards that give us the feeling of arson. I’m sure that 10 years ago, when I was 25, someone wanted to strangle me over whatever drama seemed life threatening at the moment. Let’s be serious though, it’s a running joke that we have a real problem with a generation that we just have to urge to physically shake until their bobble heads fall off… but we don’t… because sometimes it’s such delicious fodder that sitting back and watching is much less stressful and way more entertaining, as long as they don’t disrupt your way of living, of course. Enter onto the scene, festival favorite Fort Tilden.fort tilden 5The entire plot of the film ( Harper and Allie try all day to get to the beach) is pretty much the perfect metaphor for their reality. Fort Tilden is bravely tongue in cheek but also unapologetically the truth. Shiny objects distract, social media owns them, money might as well be made exclusively by Monopoly, and yet someway, somehow they make their way through this world and promptly demand a cookie. They have balls and you have to respect that. Bridey Elliott‘s performance as Harper, daughter of a CEO and self proclaimed “artist” is brash, rude, and does not care what you think. Elliott is hilarious in her sincerity. Clare McNulty as manic and failed overachiever Allie, is sweet and high strung and equally as genuine in her performance as Elliot. The two are a fantastic match with a genius give and take. Their ability to whine, complain, ignore everyone and make it both endearing and horrendous should earn them attention and applause.fort tilden 1The quarter life crisis now seems much longer and much more ridiculous that ever before. One the flip side of the coin, Fort Tilden is also ans awesome commentary on the lack of parenting going on today. Virtual high fives to writer/directors Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers for throwing the millennial cliche in out faces so damn well.  Fort Tilden makes it way to theaters and VOD Friday, August 14. Get There.

Jeremy Goes to the Indy Film Fest: ‘Fort Tilden’ Is a Hilarious and Poignant Snapshot of Privileged Millennial Discontent

Many are the films that depict the haze that young people are in once they graduate from college. Few are the films that depict that haze in a convincing and fresh way. To me, Noah Baumbach‘s Kicking & Screaming has always been the bellwether in this cinematic realm. Many have tried and mostly all have failed to capture what he, his cast and crew did with that film. Now, enter Fort Tilden, a quirky film about two women, Harper (Bridey Elliott) and Allie (Clare McNulty), who make a plan to go to the beach at Fort Tilden, New York City, to meet up with two boys they met the night before. It treads on this same cinematic terrain and succeeds admirably. Read More →