50 Snowy Movies for a Cold Weekend – The Reel Big Show


It’s hard to keep track of all the movies we talked about in this episode. It was so much fun to think of them! Below you’ll find them all. Please let us know in the comments what your favorite snow movie is!
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Jeremy’s Review: Anthony Powell’s ‘Antarctica: A Year on Ice’ Gives Us a First Person View at Life During Winter on the Loneliest Continent

antarctica_a_year_on_ice posterI have always found Antarctica to be a profoundly interesting place. From the fact that it (or the Atacama Desert in Perru, depending on the source) has the driest place on earth (the Dry Valleys), that it’s the home of five breeding species of penguins or that it has just two season, winter and summer in which winter has 24 hours of dark for 6 straight months and summer has 24 hours of daylight for the other six months. Couple that with the harshest landscape and weather on earth, one might ask why in the hell does anyone ever go there. That’s precisely what Anthony Powell does in his fantastic documentary Antarctica: A Year on Ice. Read More →