‘ARCADIAN’ (2024) Near-future creature-feature brings fright and excitement.

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Years after a virus ravaged Earth’s population, Paul and his twin sons, Thomas and Joseph, exist on a remote farm, battling dangerous creatures that come after dark. When the boys alter plans one day, their entire existence teeters on the edge. The boys are like oil and water. When Paul nearly dies, they must cooperate to survive.

Nic Cage brings a surprising calmness to the role of Paul. His steady guidance, protective nature, and genuine connection with his co-stars draw you in. Unlike the usual Nic Cage genre fare, where we revel in his quirky behavior, ARCADIAN reminds us of his depth in drama. He is intensely compelling.

ARCADIAN - Still 6Maxwell Jenkins gives Thomas the volatile toxicity of a hormonal teenage boy. Fiercely independent and craving social interaction, Thomas puts his family in danger by keeping secrets. He is entirely unlikeable, meaning Jenkins does his job correctly.

Jaeden Martell plays Joseph with a quiet, analytical brain. He studies and tracks the creatures’ behavior, leaning into his humanity. Martell shines in his authentic compassion. Joseph’s knowledge proves vital to their survival.

ARCADIAN - Still 11The immersive handheld camera work and sound editing immediately draw you in. When we get our first glimpse of the creatures, it is jarring. It took my breath away. The more we see, the more shocking the reaction. It is wildly bizarre and completely original. Due to the lack of backstory, the audience must go along for the ride from moment to moment.

I would love for writer Mike Nilon and director Benjamin Brewer to team up for a prequel. ARCADIAN is some real WTF creature feature stuff wrapped in honest near-future drama. It is 100% worth your attention.

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RLJE Films Will Release ARCADIAN exclusively In Theaters on April 12

Directed by Benjamin Brewer

Written by Mike Nilon

Starring Nicolas Cage, Jaeden Martell, Maxwell Jenkins, and Sadie Soverall

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