‘MOVE ME NO MOUNTAIN’ (2024) makes it’s stunning hometown debut at Indie Vegas Film Festival this weekend

indie Vegas film festival logoMove Me No Mountain

Deborah Richards’ locally filmed drama 
Makes “homecoming screening” at
Indie Vegas Film Festival
Saturday, April 27

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Real estate agent Jenna Anderson is crippled by guilt from the violent and sudden death of her daughter. The experience and the unbearable weight it places her under, leads Jenna to abandon the life she knew to live on the streets of Sin City, Las Vegas. There, she finds herself among people who have different reasons for being homeless. Then, Jenna meets an exploited homeless girl who lives with her addict caretaker. After a violent attack, she helps the homeless girl escape her situation. Now, the two of them must try to find a way out of unforgiving life they have been living on the streets before it consumes them.

move me no moutain- jennaWritten, directed, edited, and shot by Deborah Richards, Indie Vegas Film Festival 2024 selection MOVE ME NO MOUNTAINS is a dark meditation on grief and healing. 

Richards leans into Jenna’s pain-numbing and Self-destructive behaviors. Unable to climb out of her loss, The film follows day by day of Jenna’s chosen homelessness, displaying the ever-evolving danger, hopelessness, and saving grace. MOVE ME NO MOUNTAIN captivates in contrasting closeups and sprawling wide-angle shots. Both are unforgiving and awe-inspiring. 

move me no mountainThe script dives headfirst into the plight of the unhoused from every perspective, giving us a wide range of backstories in the characters Jenna crosses paths with. The film’s premiere comes at an auspicious moment in history as The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a complicated case that may make homelessness illegal. Richards handles the issue with the care and respect it deserves. 

Cat Lellie is ceaselessly compelling as Jenna. She delivers a compassionate authenticity and lived-in sorrow. MOVE ME NO MOUNTAIN lives and dies by her dazzling presence and Deborah Richards‘ engrossing storytelling.

Saturday, April 27 at 7:30PM
Cinemark Century Orleans 18 and XD
The Century Orleans Hotel and Casino
4500 W. Tropicana Ave.


Move Me No Mountain was shot entirely in Southern Nevada, including the underground flood control tunnels, and shows the city as it’s never been portrayed before in a movie.

The movie highlights the Las Vegas Valley’s homeless problem, particularly as it affects women. Multiple Emmy-award winning filmmaker Deborah Richards, and Emmy-nominated producer Patrick Wirtz are both Las Vegas residents who worked with the Las Vegas Rescue Mission and the Shine A Light Foundation to bring the issues facing the homeless population to light in this film.

Deborah Richards - Film Director - Head Shot
Deborah Richards

Director/Writer:                        Deborah Richards
Producer:                                  Patrick Wirtz
Editor:                                       Deborah Richards
Cinematographer:                    Deborah Richards                      
Composer:                               Travis Lohman, David Rosen
Cast:                                         Cat Lellie, Nicholas Roylance, Amanda Forstrom
TRT:                                          84 min
Country:                                   USA

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