‘7 KEYS’ (SXSW 2024) Flirt, fight, & flight.

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7 Keys SXSW 2024

A chance meeting plunges Lena and Daniel into a whirlwind tour of his previous dwellings since he still has their keys. Writer-director Joy Wilkinson brings SXSW 2024 audiences on a journey through London and the haunting past of two souls seeking connection. Getting caught is the least of their problems.

Lena is sexually bold and fearless. After a housing-insecure childhood, her fascination with Daniel’s homes sparks a game of fantasy and danger. Emma McDonald does a brilliant job of pushing boundaries and listening to her instincts.

Daniel comes off as gentlemanly, if not a touch awkward. On edge during their clandestine tour, the audience knows more than Lena. Billy Postlethwaite gives Daniel a shocking arc. You will be fascinated and appalled in decyphering his true persona. It’s one hell of a turn.

Wilkinson keeps us on our toes as we feel more nervous about the pair getting caught at any moment. Clues dropped along the way make you question the truth. Lena and Daniel both have deep abandonment issues and unresolved trauma that skew our opinions with each story they choose to reveal.

Halfway through, we get a better sense. The plot goes from uncomfortable to unsettling in a flash. The big twist will chill you to the bone and lead to an unexpected final act. 7 KEYS is about power and obsession. It’s tense, creative, and completely unhinged. 7 KEYS is SXSW 2024 gold.

Film Screenings

Mar 9, 2024
Mar 9, 2024
Mar 13, 2024
Mar 13, 2024
Mar 15, 2024

Joy Wilkinson


Cassandra Sigsgaard, Dylan Rees


Joy Wilkinson


Mary Farbrother


Roberta Bononi

Production Designer:

Natasha Jenkins

Sound Designer:

Emma Butt


Max Perryment

Principal Cast:

Emma McDonald, Billy Postlethwaite, Kaylen Luke, Joey Akubeze, Amit Shah, Jane Goddard

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