Review: It’s man vs technology in the emotionally taut sci-fi ‘Guidance’


Clever and thought-provoking, Guidance puts two lovers in a precarious position. In a near-future story, ten years after The Great War, new nanotech is on the precipice of introduction. In the form of a pill, the tech acts as a learning device and a lie detector. Han Miao and Mai Zi Xuan have secrets, making for an uphill battle to stay together after a weekend getaway. When you pit technology against human nature, which one claims victory? 

Sharp editing keeps the audience on their toes. Flashbacks slowly reveal information, but we’re never fully aware of the entire truth. The minimalist location pulls your focus to the camera work and the writing. It cannot be a coincidence that the house contains unobstructed, floor-to-ceiling windows and large-scale, threadbare concrete walls when the plot focuses on transparency. The script has Han Miao and Mai Zi Xuan attempting to subvert the tech to keep their secrets. The emotional manipulation is wild. The weight of trauma bonding is also front and center. Boasting fantastic performances, Guidance is a rollercoaster. The screenplay will keep you guessing until the very end. Do not get comfortable. Add all these excellent elements together you’ll discover a carefully crafted film. A complex morality tale that begs your attention, Guidance is endlessly compelling. 

GUIDANCE will be released in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and major territories Worldwide on VOD on June 17

Director: Neysan Sobhani

Cast: Sun Jia (Han Miao), Harry Song (Mai Zi Xuan) and Francesco Chen (Su Jie)

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