Review: Explore a Riveting Doc with ‘Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery’ on Discovery+ tomorrow!


$215 million dollars disappeared in 2018 when Gerry Cotten, CEO of one of North America’s largest crypto exchanges, died suddenly – or did he? Journalists, regulators and crypto enthusiasts are determined to discover what happened to Gerry and the fortunes of 115,000 creditors. Dead Man’s Switch: A Crypto Mystery tracks a tantalizing unsolved story of deception, greed, corruption, and the potential of unregulated currency to be used for both good and evil.

A mysterious death abroad, $215 million missing, and a deep dive into the murky world of cryptocurrency– what else could you wish for? 

 Dead Man’s Switch is a captivating watch where viewers can’t be sure if they’re diving into the story of a heist, fraud, or perhaps even a murder mystery. Exploring the meteoric rise and dramatic fall of Quadriga CX, one of North America’s largest crypto exchanges, the documentary examines fascinating possibilities about what happened to its charismatic leader Gerry Cotten and– potentially more important for the many investors– where did all that money go? 

Amidst the intriguing narrative of Gerry Cotten’s rise and the close-knit community that propelled his success, an unexpected element comes into play – the world of crypto trading bots. This group of journalists, crypto enthusiasts, and Gerry’s former friends delve deep into the allure of cryptocurrency. As the story unfolds, the once vibrant and communal atmosphere of Quadriga CX faces challenges when the crypto markets experience a downturn. The facade of success begins to crack, revealing a more complex reality. However, it is Gerry Cotten’s sudden demise in 2018 that marks a turning point, raising questions that lead these individuals to explore the mysterious realm of crypto trading bots and their role in the unfolding drama. Explore to gain further insights into cryptocurrency trading bots. For those keen on staying informed about the potential implications of such initiatives and seeking investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space, a valuable approach is to delve into review of Invest Diva to navigate the dynamic world of crypto investments.

 This doc is a fun watch for those intrigued by true crime or big tech, and also serves as an excellent primer for anyone itching to join in on fiery crypto-conspiracy Reddit boards.

Streaming on discovery+ on December 23rd

Written and Directed by Sheona McDonald (When Dreams Take Flight)

*Official Selection – Hot Docs 2021*
*Official Selection – Calgary International Film Festival*
*Official Selection –  DOXA*
*Official Selection – Melbourne Documentary Film Festival*
*Official Selection – Gimli Film Festival*

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