Liz’s Review: to be ‘FRANK’ … I am obsessed.

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It’s rare these days you see a film that is so different from everything else. Frank is the story of an eclectic indie band and it’s lead singer of the same name. A young aspiring songwriter Jon, played adorably by Domhnall Gleeson, stumbles upon the band “Soronprfbs” and inadvertently becomes their keyboardist. The band travels to Ireland to record their album. While abroad, Gleeson delves into the mystery that is Frank. You see, Frank is never seen without his massive, cartoonesque, papier-mâché head on. Gleeson secretly shares short rehearsal clips on the internet to create a buzz around the band, leading to a requested appearance at South By Southwest. But is that really best for Frank?

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Brilliantly played by Michael Fassbender, this enigmatic front man is nothing short of genius. Without facial expression, Fassbender has created a completely unique and engrossing person. His free spirit emanates through his unabashed physicality and the bellowing tones in his speech. I am obsessed with this character. Not to mention his haunting singing voice. “Soronprfbs” music is strange but catchy in the oddest way.

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Gleeson, who is popping up in all genres of film lately, is becoming quite the leading man.  While slightly bumbling, he is also very earnest and humble. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the uptight, possessive, and prickly Clara, but in truth has Frank’s best interest in mind. This film is genuine, funny, and charming at every turn. With a whole lot of heart, Frank is sure to be a crowd favorite. I am predicting big things for Fassbender‘s creation. Can you say shiny trophies?

FRANK opens Friday, August 15th.

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