Review: Anne Hathaway & Jason Sudekis surprise in the big budget sci-fi comedy ‘Colossal’

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Just looking at the poster for Colossal, you know it’s different. Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis in a movie about monsters? Well, yes and no. There is a monster but it’s only part of the story. Watch the trailer above.

After seeing Colossal, I realized I hadn’t seen anything like it before and I was dying to talk to someone about it. It’s a blend of genres that is original and goes in directions that are unexpected yet completely make sense. Do yourself a favor, watch with other people.

Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is an out-of-work party girl who, after getting kicked out of her apartment by her boyfriend (Dan Stevens), is forced to leave her life in New York and move back to her hometown. When news reports surface that a giant creature is destroying Seoul, South Korea, Gloria gradually comes to the realization that she is somehow connected to this far-off phenomenon. As events begin to spin out of control, Gloria must determine why her seemingly insignificant existence has such a colossal effect on the fate of the world.

The cast. Anne Hathaway is just likeable enough to accept her terrible behavior. It’s a really good blend. Jason Sudeikis stretches his acting muscles and shows how he can also work on the dark side. Tim Blake Nelson needs to be in more movies. Oh, and here’s Dan Stevens again. This guy is turning up everywhere lately.

I loved the blending of genres. It’s like four movies in one. You’ll be watching for a bit, then suddenly get the perspective of what happened in the scene before. Who’s the good guy? Who’s the bad guy? Does that matter?

Have you heard of anything like this before? This does not follow any traditional plot lines. Who says Hollywood isn’t original anymore? Major kudos to writer/director Nacho Vigalondo. He set out to make an indie and it became Colossal.

In theaters on April 7th, with more every week after – Find a theater here

Friday 4/7 @ The Landmark after the 7pm show
Q&A with Anne Hathaway & Nacho Vigalondo | Tix

Friday 4/7 @ Cinerama Dome after the 9pm show
Q&A with Anne Hathaway & Nacho Vigalondo
Moderated by Elijah Wood | Tix

Saturday 4/8 @ The Landmark after the 7pm show
Q&A with Nacho Vigalondo
Moderated by Kevin Smith | Tix

Saturday 4/8 @ Arclight Hollywood after the 9pm show
Q&A with Nacho Vigalondo | Tix

Review: Up for a comedy? You should try ‘Sleeping With Other People’

Sleeping With Other People_Press_1 TribecaYou may think you’ve seen this movie before. A man and woman decide to just be friends, yada, yada, yada, they fall in love. However, I guarantee Sleeping With Other People is fresh and funny as hell with Jason Sudekis and Alison Brie.

Let’s split these two up for a moment. First off, Alison Brie. Known for her role on NBC’s Community, or as Pete’s (ex)wife on AMC’s Mad Men she’s also Diane on the wonderfully ridiculous Bojack Horseman on Netflix. She’s the girl next door with fantastic comic timing. You may also remember her as the sister of Emily Blunt (another one of my favorite actresses) in Five Year Engagement. Her perceived innocence plays perfect against the devilishly charming Jason Sudekis.

I always enjoyed Jason Sudekis on Saturday Night Live, but his starring role in A Good Old Fashion Orgy won me over completely. Hall Pass was the big break out, and it just picked up steam from there. Soon it was The Campaign, Horrible Bosses, We’re the Millers and then Horrible Bosses 2. Although he hasn’t had much of a range, he plays up his good looks and charm for every role with perfection. Perhaps it will wear out soon, but as for now, I’m for it.

Writer/director Leslye Headland delivers the humor of people who know each other really, really well and can go to those horribly crude, but ultimately hilarious, places. Filled with a brilliant supporting cast including Adam Scott (with a creepy mustache), Natasha Lyonne (as the best friend), Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi on The League) as well as Adam Brody and Amanda Peet. Basically, it’s a good old fashioned sex comedy with a heart at the center.

In select theaters today! 


The most hilarious comedy of the summer ‘Sleeping With Other People’ finally releases a trailer!

Sleeping With Other People_Press_1 TribecaI loved this movie at Tribeca, as is documented in many places. I laughed so much it hurt. This is not a romantic comedy. It makes no apologies, it’s a sex comedy. I gushed about it often.

Can two serial cheaters get a second chance at love? After a one-night stand in college, New Yorkers Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) meet by chance twelve years later and discover they each have the same problem: because of their monogamy-challenged ways, neither can maintain a relationship. Determined to stay friends despite their mutual attraction, they make a pact to keep it platonic, a deal that proves easier said than done. Fresh, funny, and full of witty insights about modern love, this hilariously heartfelt film “is the rare rom-com that reminds us why we love them so much in the first place” (Time Out New York). Amanda Peet, Adam Scott, Natasha Lyonne, and Jason Mantzoukas co-star.

STARRING: Jason Sudeikis, Alison Brie, Adam Scott, Jason Mantzoukas, Katherine Waterson, Adam Brody, Amanda Peet, Marc Blucas, and Andrea Savage

RELEASE DATE: September 11, 2015


PRODUCED BY: Sidney Kimmel, Jessica Elbaum, Adam McKay, Will Ferrell


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