Review: ‘STUDIO 666’ is heavy on the metal and the malevolence.

Foo Fighters need a tenth album. In Studio 666, they move into an Encino mansion with a musical and murderous past. Get ready to rock and gag and laugh.

Practical FX are gnarly. I actually exclaimed, “Oh F*ck!” as I caught my first glimpse of gore. Studio 666 is based on a story by Dave Grohl. Self-professed genre lover, the screenplay from Jeff Buhler and Rebecca Hughes is laced with profanity that you cannot help but smirk. It’s so over the top, ya gotta laugh. Beyond that, Studio 666 is pure horror-comedy gold.

Every member of the band brings their personality to the forefront. Grohl is hilarious. His unadulterated manic energy makes Studio 666 a goddamn freight train. That and the fact that it rocks. Grohl wrote an entire metal album for the film and we get to receive it with open ears. I have to say, if casting directors don’t use Dave in a plethora of upcoming acting projects, they are seriously missing out.

The tropes are abundant but always fun. The kills are gruesome and creative. Hands down, Studio 666 has a Top 10 of all-time chainsaw kill. Side note, Doritos must have a huge stake in the financing because the amount of chips featured and consumed is anything but inconspicuous. Studio 666 brings the giggles and the gore. Genre fans will go nuts for this film.

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