Review: ‘BURLESQUE: HEART OF THE GLITTER TRIBE’ gives you a peek behind the feathers and the lives of the performers

BURLESQUE: HEART OF THE GLITTER TRIBE explores the world of burlesque and its growing popularity across the U.S.  The film invites audiences to experience this art form up close and personal – seeing its evolution from old world burlesque to “neo-burlesque,” which combines classic striptease with modern dance, comedy and even fire acts.
This truly entertaining doc lets us peek behind the feathers and into the lives of a troupe of very awesome entertainers. Often times the perception of Burlesque is objectification. This is totally misleading. The art of burlesque is about empowerment. It is not about having the perfect body, in fact, some of the best dancers are not the shapes we expect. Infusing sexiness, glamor, and humor is all part of the special form of performance. Here are a few introductions to the individuals we get to meet in the film.
Zora Von Pavonine, one of the stars featured in the film, spends every waking minute perfecting her act and designing one-of-a-kind costumes inspired by designers Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier.  Through her own admission, her obsession has a taken a toll on her relationship and her pocket book.
We also meet Angelique DeVil, a college graduate and a dancer by trade, who credits burlesque for allowing her to express her various “personalities” – thus making her alive!
Lastly, Isaiah Esquire, is often referred to as “Glamazon.”  He confesses that dance has transformed him from a shy, stuttering teenager who suffered from body image issues to a confident performer, dancer, and teacher.
With the perfect balance of intimate sit down interviews, backstage/rehearsals, and full-out performances, BURLESQUE: HEART OF THE GLITTER TRIBE is as enjoyable to watch as it is to be in awe of. You can watch the film in select theaters March 3rd and on VOD / iTunes March 7th.

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