Review: Experience a joyride to hell in ‘SUBMERGED’.

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A limousine joyride goes berserk in this breathless, pulse-pounding thriller. Jonathan Bennett stars as an ex-soldier turned bodyguard hired to protect a young woman. But while cruising with a group of friends one night, their stretch limo is run off the road and underwater by a gang of ruthless kidnappers-who then dive in to finish the job. Suddenly it’s sink or swim, as the bodyguard must fight to keep the vehicle from becoming a watery grave.Submerged Jonathan Bennet

Small town politics turns into a deadly cat and mouse game in this indie thriller. Jonathan Bennett, who most of us will recognize from Mean Girls, becomes the protagonist who simply wants to protect the ones he loves. Run off the road by masked gunman, he and five 20-somethings are at the bottom of a waterway that will eventually lead straight out into the ocean, if they cannot figure out a way to escape. The script is filled with who-dun-it moments, keeping the viewer engaged throughout. Bennett has an incredibly strong screen presence and captures the lead role in a surprisingly effortless manner. With a really nice ensemble cast surrounding him, including Cody Christian, Talulah Riley, Tim Daly and Mario Van Peebles, the film certainly delivers in it’s ups and down emotionally. Submerged utilizes time hops for an effective high stress pace. High five to the director Steven C Miller‘s use of creative visual cues as scene transitions between the past and present story lines. The film also has some nice gun play choreography. If you’re looking to sit back and relax with some not altogether mindless action this holiday weekend, Submerged could be your answer to the overcrowded blockbusters.

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Open in NY and LA November 27th
99 Minutes. Not Rated.

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