Liz’s Review: ‘TAKE CARE’ – Why I wanna be Leslie Bibb’s best friend


I injured my neck a few years ago. This year, it flared up and I found out I have the spine of an 80 year old. In case you are wondering. In case you are wondering, I am a very long way off from 80. I had to cancel about two weeks worth of meetings, appointments, and life in general because I could not move. It was not fun. Other than my husband, who is essentially legally obligated to care for me (I have a license that we both signed that says so) no one was around to help me do the simplest of tasks. In fact, the only person that offered to bring me dinner was my very own managing co-editor, Melissa. Shout out is official now. In the new film, TAKE CARE, a woman is stranded in the same way I was. Post car accident, she is forced to rely on a person from her past.


 Leslie Bibb plays Frannie. Toting one broken arm and one broken leg, her best friend and sister volunteer to take shifts caring for her. When other obligations in their lives push Frannie aside, she is forced to call the last person she ever wanted to involve in her present life; her ex boyfriend. Bibb is so incredibly relatable. She does a perfect balancing act between kooky and down-to-earth.


Post break up reality shines through the script. The dialogue is fresh and honest, thanks to writer/director Liz Tuccillo (Sex and the City, He’s Just Not That Into You).  Bibb is spot on. Not only is she funny, but truly vulnerable. Feeling trapped and helpless, both physically and emotionally, emanates off the screen. Once you settle into Frannie with Bibb, you cannot imagine her being played by any other actress. She is cool, lovable, and open. Thomas Sadoski plays her ex, Devon. I hate to say it, but he is bit forgettable. Next door neighbor, played by Michael Stahl-David, is He doesn’t have a ton of screen time, but his scenes are memorable for sure.


The film is genuinely enjoyable throughout. By no means is it an award winner, but not everything has to be. Any audience will resonate with the subtext. If you want a good clean laugh and a fun flick this weekend, catch TAKE CARE on VOD and in theaters.

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