Liz’s Review: ‘Dead Snow; Red VS. Dead’… Who would have thought?!

They’re not just zombies. They’re Nazi zombies.


There may not be a better tag line written for a film in a long time. Fans of the 2009 hit Dead Snow, will immediately latch onto this epic sequel, Dead Snow; Red VS. Dead. This pull no punches zombie flick is a, for the lack of a more eloquent phrase, balls to the walls comedic gore-fest. If you’re a fan of genre flicks like Evil Dead and Shaun of the Dead, you’ll love this. Frankly, you don’t even have to have seen the original to adore the sequel. Dead 2 is almost entirely in English, unlike the first. (subtitles provided in the necessary areas are not distracting at all)

VegarHoelas MartinDeadSnow2

Here’s the nitty gritty on the plot. We pick up the moment Dead Snow left off, Nazi zombies have killed all but one in a group of friends on a ski holiday. Martin (Vegar Hoel) is on the run as Herzog (Ørjan Gamst), or the Nazi zombie commander, is led down off the mountain because, believe it or not, Martrin and Herzog have each others’  arms. Yes, you read that correctly. Each lost a limb and had the other’s sewn on in it’s place. Martin’s possessed arm is leading him on a revenge kick as he tries his best to battle urges that are not his own. Who does he call on for help?? The Zombie squad, of course.


Too bad for Martin, the Zombie Squad, who flies in from The Unites States (obviously) is comprised of three zombie movie loving nerds. None of which have an actual battle experience, but, know one seems to care. Lead by Daniel (Martin Starr), the three are implicit in thwarting hordes of Nazi zombies. With the help of some crazy paranormal powers from “The Arm”, we are also treated to a hilarious, shall we say, handi-capable, zombie sidekick.


Mayhem ensues. Bloody, ridiculous, “sure, why not,” moments, make this an awesome ride. Dare I say, even better than the original?! How often does that happen? The laughs are non-stop, out loud. Guts, brains, body parts are a plenty. I have no faults with this script and the performances are incredible on all accounts. It is unapologetically phenomenal. Go see Dead Snow; Red VS. Dead. Just do yourself a favor.

DEAD SNOW; RED VS. DEAD is in theaters now!

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