10 Movies From My Childhood That Made Me Cry (and still do) Like A Little Baby

Being an avid movie watcher since early childhood has given me a whole lot of perspective on life; like, how NOT to be a good parent. My dad thought it appropriate to show me Poltergeist at age 2. He’s not my dad anymore. But seriously, here is a list of the Top 10 Movies that traumatized me back then… and still cause me to grab the tissue box today… because I am a wimp… and I have a soul!

lion king

10. The Lion King– Fratricide.

little princess

9. The Little Princess– Oh, your dad died? Oh your’re not rich anymore? BOOM! Attic for you, Missy!

charlottes web

8. Charlotte’s Web– I’m sorry, did you get attached to the mother figure? Too bad for you.

old yeller7. Old Yeller– Rabies and a shot gun.

bambi gif

6. Bambi– Noooo, Bambi’s mom! Shot gun.

juice gif

5. Steel Magnolias– Dialysis, coma, death of a daughter. “Drink your juice, Shelby.”


4. The Land Before Time– Murderous T-Rex, Tree Star, Orphan.

never artax

3. The Never Ending Story– Dead Mother, World being swallowed by depression, Artax. Not cool, Swamps of Sadness, not cool.

And….Tied for 1st and 2nd place, respectively…

 E.T. -Weird, Cute alien is killed by grown ups. Oh wait, he’s alive! Just kidding, he’s leaving you behind. “I’ll… be… right… here.”

My Girl– Coming of age was never so much fun until your best friend dies and the funeral is in your house! “Where are his glasses?! He can’t see without his glasses!”

Excuse me. I need a moment. *single tear*

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Liz grew up in northern Connecticut and was memorizing movie dialogue from Shirley Temple to A Nightmare on Elm Street at a very early age. She will watch just about any film all the way through (no matter how bad) just to prove a point. A loyal New Englander, a lover of Hollywood, and true inhabitant of The Big Apple.

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