45 movies about Mothers from the last 77 years! Happy Mother’s Day!



Good, bad or just plain crazy, these movies with a mom as the central character have been entertaining us in the movies for quite a long time. My favorite would have to be Mother with Debbie Reynolds and Albert Brooks. What’s yours?

[imdb id=”tt3014666″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt2271671″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1322269″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1694020″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1242460″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1305591″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1336617″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0842926″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1220227″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1216496″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt1220220″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0978759″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0490084″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0356680″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0369735″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0322330″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0258000″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0278435″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0125022″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0200027″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0285742″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0198021″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0241303″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0195685″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0149691″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0120686″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0119313″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0117091″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0109642″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0110997″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0111127″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0105477″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0100395″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0098519″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0098384″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0092605″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0094142″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0089560″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0087921″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0086425″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0084707″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0082766″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0076054″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0037913″ plot=”short”]
[imdb id=”tt0029608″ plot=”short”]

Last Chance: 57 Movies Expiring from HBO GO Tomorrow 3.15.15 – ‘Mystery Men’ ‘Non-Stop’ ‘What Lies Beneath’


Tomorrow is the twice-monthly reset of movies, so you’ve got today and tomorrow to catch these before they disappear!

[imdb id=”tt2024544″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0405422″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0295289″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt2194499″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0112281″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0115641″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0315824″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0208003″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt1308729″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0245803″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0367594″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0160127″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0452598″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0352248″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt1457767″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0790636″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0377818″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt1869716″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt1631867″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0172396″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0133751″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt1839482″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0093058″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0338077″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0212985″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0107144″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0455967″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0271027″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt1216492″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0338216″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0770828″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0369735″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0113855″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0119707″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0120764″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0132347″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0113939″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt2024469″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0218922″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt2203939″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0831884″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0292644″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0398375″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0173910″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0120053″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0775529″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0359950″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0282171″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0184907″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0244970″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0117826″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0234853″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0862856″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0139668″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0111503″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0117979″ plot=”short”] [imdb id=”tt0161081″ plot=”short”]

HBO GO Expiring – 3/15/15: Here Are 5 To Catch Before It’s Too Late


This is your last chance to catch before they’re out of rotation.

  1. 12 Years A Slave
  2. Dallas Buyers Club
  3. Full Metal Jacket
  4. Mystery Men
  5. What Lies Beneath

Here’s the list of 57 movies that are leaving HBO GO on the 15th of this month! Here’s the list that were added on the 1st. Read More →

Melissa’s Top 5 J Lo Movies Better Than ‘The Boy Next Door’

I could write a review of The Boy Next Door. I could give it a rating. But I won’t. It’s a throwaway movie. I understand this is just a story, but it’s 2015. Aren’t we past the helpless woman thing? J Lo can do better. Let’s move past this. Here are 5 of her other movies that are my favorites.


[imdb id=”tt0209958″ plot=”short”]

Creepy and weird, but it’s such a cool concept. Plus, Vincent D’Onofrio. He’s amazing.


[imdb id=”tt0209475″ plot=”short”]

Matthew McConaughey made a few of these silly romantic comedies, and I think this one is my favorite. Judy Greer is also fantastic as the best friend.


[imdb id=”tt0369735″ plot=”short”]

Jane Fonda and Wanda Sykes totally steal the show. So ridiculous and fun.


[imdb id=”tt0252076″ plot=”short”]

A modern fairy tale. My girlyness is at its peak.


[imdb id=”tt0278435″ plot=”short”]

Absolutely perfect. J Lo kicks ass. This is what I wanted to see in The Boy Next Door.