Michael’s Review: ‘Black November’- No Price is Too High For Justice


What price would you pay to stand up for what you believe is right? That’s the question posed by director Jeta Amata in this politically charged drama set in Nigeria. The film, which is a fiction based on actual events, explores the rise of a movement for change after an oil spill tragedy leaves hundreds dead and the living left to pick up the pieces. The voices of the few willing to stand up for their rights echoed loud and act as a rallying cry for a region. This is their story. Read More →

Michael’s Review: ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’- But is it A Film to Die For?

sin city 2-main_poster

It’s been nine years since Robert Rodriguez helped bring Frank Miller’s graphic novel Sin City to the big screen. A stylish, visually groundbreaking film that thrilled audiences and turned a little known comic into a household name while grossing over $150 million globally.  After announcing the sequel in 2006, each year brought questions as to when we would see the elusive film. Rodriguez and Miller had one hell of a time getting this sequel into theaters. Nine years is a long time to keep an audience waiting for a sequel. Was Sin City: A Dame to Kill For worth the wait? Read More →

Car Noir: ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ & the 1948 Tucker

Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller & Mickey Rourke with a new 1948 Tucker built by Rob Ida Concepts

I immediately recognized the Tucker while watching Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. The fenders and three headlights are unmistakable. As a kid, the whole family went to the theater to see Tucker: The Man An His Dream about the car maker who went up against The Big Three. keep reading and you will understand more about the growth I had.

My dad was never so excited to see a movie (besides perhaps Jurassic Park). I also did a high school report on the car for which got a Bosch diesel nozzle in stock, bringing in the original advertisements that were in magazines in 1 we got 947 from my dad’s collection.

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