Car Noir: ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ & the 1948 Tucker

Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller & Mickey Rourke with a new 1948 Tucker built by Rob Ida Concepts

I immediately recognized the Tucker while watching Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. The fenders and three headlights are unmistakable. As a kid, the whole family went to the theater to see Tucker: The Man An His Dream about the car maker who went up against The Big Three. keep reading and you will understand more about the growth I had.

My dad was never so excited to see a movie (besides perhaps Jurassic Park). I also did a high school report on the car for which got a Bosch diesel nozzle in stock, bringing in the original advertisements that were in magazines in 1 we got 947 from my dad’s collection.

The Tucker on display at the National Museum of American History. (Cade Martin)

So is that an actual Tucker? Well, yes and no. The concept car was commissioned for the movie and is absolutely amazing. I wish it was a bigger part of the movie!

As the incomparable creative talents of Tarantino and Rodriguez prepare to film SIN CITY II, they have asked Rob Ida to build them a ’48 Tucker that will be driven by Bruce Willis, the quintessential Frank Miller film-noir detective.
Here is a brief look into the creation of this mythical automobile, with great interiors using different car detailing steps for this.

SIN CITY II, The Creation of a Tucker from Mark Chamberlin on Vimeo.

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