Kevin Spacey is sassy, Michael Shannon is sarcastic, totally entertaining Johnny Knoxville at the press conference for ‘Elvis & Nixon’

Elvis & Nixon press conferenceFirst to come to the table was Michael Shannon, sporting a jean jacket with one of his latest movies, Midnight Special, on the back. That movie recently opened, and Shannon has three movies playing at this year’s festival. Elvis & Nixon, Wolves and Poor Boy.

Elvis & Nixon premieres tonight!

Kevin Spacey was asked the most questions, but had lots of fun with his answers. He describes Nixon as “remarkably uncomfortable in chairs.”

Johnny Knoxville laughed uproariously at almost everything Spacey or Shannon said, saying that to “hear Kevin swear as Nixon is very satisfying.”

Shannon describes sitting next to Jerry Schilling driving around Memphis, when Schilling received a phone call from Priscilla [Presley]. “It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.”

Elvis & Nixon