‘JUMPMAN’ (Tribeca 2024 short) Artistic justice for an icon

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Tom Dey’s Tribeca 2024 documentary short film JUMPMAN details the extraordinary life and body of work of photographer Co Rentmeester, the man responsible for Nike’s iconic Air Jordan logo.

His fearless action and natural eye as a young man led to experiences beyond belief. His ability to capture dynamic close-ups and create breathtaking photographs is a gift. From Vietnam to The Olympics, his images are dazzling.

Nike has some explaining to do, and Rentmeester deserves justice. His experience is infuriating, mirroring many artists and copyright infringement cases across the globe.

His life is so intriguing that JUMPMAN could become an entire series. There is so much meat on the bone here. It is utterly transfixing.

Short | United States | 22 MINUTES | English | English subtitles

Tom Dey
Tom Dey & Coliena Rentmeester
Tom Dey
Meena Singh
Federico Conforti
Fabrizio Mancinelli
Marlien Rentmeester & Els Rentmeester
Co Rentmeester

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