Review: ‘Transference’ is the beginning of something powerful.

SYNOPSIS: A twelve-year-old boy, Joshua, is charged with the protection of his twin sister when their father passes, but she possesses a special ability and his greatest challenge will not be keeping her safe but keeping her hidden. Twenty years later, Joshua is struggling to cope with the events of his childhood and the choices he has made since. Out of desperation, he places Emma in a psychiatric compound against her will. Joshua is driven to the world of underground crime to maintain their secret. But he cannot earn enough to hide their past and someone has followed their trail of destruction. When a sinister visitor attempts to remove Emma from his care, Joshua comes to the most important realization he can make for himself, his sister, and the world.

Twins connected by trauma, stalked by evil, forced into hiding to protect themselves and the outside world. Yeah, I’ll bite. Transference has a lot going on in the way of structure. The narration breaks are very effective as they keep you on your toes during the madness. Emma’s “affliction” is fascinating. The idea that it can be weaponized is something looms large. As the plot slowly rolls out, the dread grows. The big reveal is pretty great. While there is something a little off with the film as a whole, it has big potential. Melissa Joy Boerger, AaronTomlin, and Jeremy Ninaber are all very dark and brooding. Tomlin is allowed to show the most range with the material. These three are obviously capable of much more. I would have liked to have seen more adult flashbacks that included Boerger. She was held back by the script.

The editing is the real winner in Transference. It’s skillfully crafted back and forth keeps the storytelling intriguing. Just when you think you’re following the plot, it flips the switch. What is real and what is imagined is up to the audience. Matthew Ninaber has given is an engrossing sci-fi. I would watch this as a series. There is a ton of potential for this world to be expanded. I think it would shine brighter as one, frankly. For now, I’ll take the feature. Fellow genre fans will see what I mean. 

TRANSFERENCE will open in L.A. March 6th

Available on nationwide VOD March 10th & on Blu-Ray March 24th


Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller

Country: CANADA

Runtime: 85 min

Language: English

Rating: NA

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