OSCAR® Nominated Documentary Films Now Streaming FREE Online, Showing in Theaters: ‘Knife Skills’ & ‘Edith+Eddie’

Not sure what to watch tonight? Give one of these a try.

EDITH+EDDIE is now streaming for free at First Look Media’s Topic.com and YouTube 

29:34 minutes

“EDITH+EDDIE is one of the finest observational documentaries of the year. What starts as a sweet and tender portrayal of elderly interracial love transforms into a damning cry against institutionalized elder abuse. It’s currently [nominated] for the Best Short Documentary at this year’s Oscars and deserves to win.”
– ShortFilms.org

Official Website

KNIFE SKILLS is now streaming for free from The New Yorker and Condé Nast Entertainment at NewYorker.com and YouTube

39:53 minutes

“KNIFE SKILLS brought me to tears. It’s an incredibly powerful story…And the idea of these people, these men and women, who get a second chance at life, from prison, it’s amazing.”
– Wade Major, KPCC FilmWeek

Official Website

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