Review: Norwegian disaster film, THE WAVE, hits you like a ton of bricks… or a giant ass tsunami.

The wave posterMother Nature is not one to be trifled with. The Earth is going to do as it sees fit, no matter what our plans may be as humans. THE WAVE is based on a very real “what-if” scenario. Not all too different from the horrors that will most certainly be coming our way in the future, if we don’t get out proverbial shit together. And very much like The Wave, this is not a matter of if, but whenThe wave cast still

The Wave is an epic thriller that takes place in the majestic village of Geiranger, one of the most spectacular tourist locations on the planet. There are more than 300 unstable mountainsides in Norway, one of the largest being “Åkerneset.” When – not if – the mountain collapses due to widening cracks, the rock will crash into the fjord below, creating a massive tsunami that will hit the community. All inhabitants will have just 10 minutes to reach higher ground before tragedy strikes.

The wave mom, son, extra stillThe film centers around geologist, Kristian and his family. Leaving his current position as safety gatekeeper for the village, Kristian has a tough time letting go on his final day on the job, and for good reason. Testing fate is not something that comes easily when an entire population is at stake. When the alarms sound and the what-if becomes a reality, Kristian will do whatever it takes to save anyone he can from impending doom.
The wave still
The film has incredible effects. This is Norway’s Deep Impact. If you replaced the cast with big budget Hollywood A-listers, this could have easily been a film made in the US. THE WAVE is Scandinavia’s first-ever disaster movie. It has broken box office records in Norway and was their official entry for the Academy Awards. Hollywood is taking notice of director Roar Uthaug (Cold Prey). He just signed on to direct the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. The cast is incredibly solid, especially our leading man, Kristoffer Joner (The Revenant). I came to care deeply for each character. The script makes an interesting statement about survival and the human condition. If you had only minutes to escape a fire, flood, or tornado, who/what would you take with you? Do you lend a hand to those outside your intimate circle? I was truly impressed with The Wave. Don’t let the language barrier stop you from checking out this well made film. (There are English subtitles) THE WAVE will bowl you over with action and remind you to respect the hell out of the environment.

THE WAVE comes to theaters and VOD today, March 4th.

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