Review: ‘A Christmas Horror Story’

We are approaching the best time of the year, however this year, Christmas has come a little early. For those of you who enjoy the hilarity of over dramatized gore and horror, look no further, we have found the perfect holiday classic that would make a killer drinking game. This October audiences will be given the pleasure of celebrating the upcoming holiday cheer with a frightening twist in A Christmas Horror Story.

From Image and RLJ Entertainment comes a film with multiple directors, writers and plot lines resulting in a hot mess of horrific holiday fairytales. The story has five main plot lines in the small town of Bailey Downs, if you include William Shatner’s cheerful radio commentary. It all began on Christmas Eve night when Santa was preparing the last minute presents up in the North Pole, when suddenly a rabid zombie virus spreads amongst of the elves and he has no choice but to kill the infected. This particular plot line was the most ridiculous part of the story, which really sets the stage for the type of attitude the audience should have towards rest of the film. The other plot lines included, hauntings, deranged children, and the Anti-Santa Claus himself, Krampus.

Overall, A Christmas Horror Story had a decent balance of comedy and scares and was pretty self aware about it’s extremities. Although the movie was inconsistent with tone changes and a little all over the place, the film was always entertaining. If you want to just hang out with some buddies and watch a ridiculous movie, this one might be the perfect kind of entertainment.

A Christmas Horror Story will be released on in theaters, VOD and iTunes on Friday, October 2nd. 

3 out of 5 Stars