Tribeca Film Festival review: ‘COME DOWN MOLLY’ is a drug induced introspection

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COME DOWN MOLLY– Narrative, Drama, Comedy

While I have never done mushrooms, myself, I do know a few people who have. I’ve heard it all. “I was chased by giants bugs!”, “I felt one with nature.”, “It’s totally backed by science now.”  While the plot of Come Down Molly does revolve around a new mom taking a much deserved break to munch on some serious vegetation, honestly, the film isn’t really about drugs at all. It is is completely about identity. Oftentimes, new moms aren’t given a voice of their own. Feeling pressured by society to be perfect and to adore every single minuscule moment of their child’s life, they are merely human beings.  Every mother needs time to herself to maintain a sense of sanity and a sense of self. Molly takes the day to reconnect with her key group of male childhood friends. Just before venturing out into the vast wilderness of The Rocky Mountains, the group partakes in some recreational mushroom delicacies. Most of the movie is spent wandering the open fields and streams laughing and reminiscing.

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The dialogue feels super natural most likely due to the casting choices of  Writer/Director Gregory Kohn. Molly’s friends consist of Greg’s closest actor buddies. The seemingly improvised, hilariously witty repartee is key in convincing the audience to go along with a documentary style narrative. Eléonore Hendricks‘ performance is beautiful and down  to earth. She has an easy likability about her. Surrounded by the gentleman in the cast, sparks fly. The setting itself, is glorious. The quiet moments are some of the most prolific. Regardless of life experience, this film gives a solid voice to everyone struggling to maintain a sense of who they are and where they thought they’d be by now. Come Down Molly is a cinematic dream.

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Directed by: Gregory Kohn

In this expressionist odyssey exploring the lonely side of entering adulthood, struggling new mother Molly (Eléonore Hendricks) joins her old high school group of guy friends at a secluded mountain home. Amidst tears, laughter, and mushrooms, they connect with nature, one another, and themselves.

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