62 New Movies Hit HBO Go – ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’ ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ & More


Movies of note:

  • Little Miss Sunshine – My favorite indie of 2007. Steve Carell, Greg Kinnear, Toni Colette
  • Mrs Doubtfire – “Dude looks like a lady!”
  • One Fine DayMichelle Pfeiffer & George Clooney in adorableness
  • RecountKevin Spacey & Denis Leary in the HBO movie about that crazy election.
  • The RockNicolas Cage, done.
  • RushRon Howard directs Chris Hemsworth in this racing drama
  • Sleeping With the EnemyJulia Roberts stars in this domestic abuse thriller
  • Staying Alive – Oh, oh, oh, John Travolta
  • The Talented Mr Ripley – Revisit this amazing movie with Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Jude Law, Philip Seymour Hoffman
  • TammyMelissa McCarthy is actually pretty tolerable and it features lots of amazing actresses
  • Too Big to Fail – HBO with another political drama that draws praise
  • We’re the Millers – It’s silly, it’s fun and it’s got Jason Sudekis
  • Wet Hot American Summer – Catch the movie before the episodes on Netflix this July

[imdb id=”tt0096754″ plot=”short”]

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[imdb id=”tt0313911″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0106273″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0977855″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0424095″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0077578″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0116502″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0192111″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0419843″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt2106361″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0099871″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt3151724″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0113552″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0120723″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0089444″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0808348″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0119509″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt1015999″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0449059″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0113670″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0113691″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0399327″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0203019″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0166276″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0107614″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt2004420″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0093640″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt1684226″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt1010035″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0093660″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0120772″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0117247″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt1233334″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0057413″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0075066″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt1817273″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0156934″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt1000771″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0082979″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0117500″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0091875″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt1979320″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0239949″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0105327″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0274812″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0120820″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0096094″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0100604″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0120133″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0102945″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0400063″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0362165″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0108187″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0086361″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0134119″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt2103254″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt1742683″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0120885″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt1723121″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0243655″ plot=”short”]

[imdb id=”tt0419279″ plot=”short”]

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