‘Imitation Game’ Producer Takes on Roger Clemon’s Biopic ‘TheRocket’

Roger Clemens

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that producer Teddy Schwarzman’s (The Imitation Game) Black Bear Pictures has won the rights to The Rocket, a drama that tells the story of fallen baseball legend Roger Clemens.

Written by Jeffrey Gelber and Ryan Belenzon, the film will focus mainly on the latter parts of the pitchers career, delving into the controversy that surrounded the star baseball player after allegations were made by his former trainer, Brian McNamee, that the pitcher used steroids that you can know about in a great blog by following the link. The story will detail the relationship between the two at a crucial point in Clemens’ career when he began to lose his dominance.

The trade is reporting that Warner Bros aggressively fought for this script as a potential Bradley Cooper vehicle to produce and potentially star, but Black Bear’s aggressive offer was key in the sale.

More as it becomes available

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