Free Digital Copy of ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ from Disney Movies Anywhere!


I’ve been slowing converting my movie collection to digital and it’s actually quite amazing how many free movies I’ve redeemed. Disney Movies Anywhere recently launched their app for Google Play, and now they are offering anyone linking their account to their Google Play account, a free digital copy of Wreck-It Ralph. I had an account, but it was just linked to iTunes (which I got a free copy of The Incredibles when I did that), so I just had to click Get Started on the home page, and login to my google account and presto! I now have a new movie in my collection!

U1A9372_WR_wLegal_rgbWhat’s awesome about this is you are able to view this across all your devices where you are logged in. So Wreck-It Ralph will now show up in my iTunes as well as in my Google Play collection. Actually, all my Disney movies come up here. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

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