Robert Downey Jr Joins Captain America 3!!!


Well I certainly didn’t see this one coming! Variety is reporting that Robert Downey Jr. is close to joining the cast of Captain America 3! The report goes on to state that the film will launch elements of the comic book crossover event, “Civil War” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

OK…give me a moment to get a grip.

If you remember several weeks ago, Downey hinted that a fourth Iron Man film may be on the way, it now appears he was just playing coy. If Marvel is indeed deciding to go with the “Civil War” storyline, the movie studio has humongous plans for its franchises moving forward.

The storyline of Civil War revolves around the US Government passing the Superhero Registration Act, a bill which requires any person in the United States with superhuman abilities to register with the federal government as a “human weapon of mass destruction,” reveal their true identity to the authorities, and undergo proper training.

Let’s just say Cap and Iron Man don’t see eye to eye on this

Anthony and Joe Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), are directing the May 6, 2016 film, which features a screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. Chris Evans returns as Captain America.

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