Liz’s Review: ‘Rocks In My Pockets’ – The extraordinary weight of sadness and madness.

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Mental illness is a hot button issue these days. We pretend to address it but if we’re being honest,  we continue to sweep it under the rug. In a brand new film by writer/director Signe Baumane, we follow the true story of her familial heritage, specifically with undiagnosed bouts of severe depression.


Created in an animation of mixed media forms, Rocks In My Pockets is a visually stunning masterpiece. Baumane narrates each individual story, illustrating the ignorance and fragility of those who ” feel too much.” There is an aura of bedtime story or campfire lore while in the same instance, education and awareness being brought to life. The uniqueness of the animation allows for Baumane to take visual liberties in her storytelling.  It’s like watching one long, extremely vivid dream.


Rocks In My Pockets is an important film in a time where far too many people are being over or under medicated. It may be a gateway to a greater understanding and tolerance of what we do yet have a grasp on. Most likely, each one of us is directly affected by mental illness. Rocks In My Pockets is a beautiful conversation starter.

Rocks In My Pockets is Now Playing!


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