Christmas in July: Liz’s Favorite Holiday Flicks

Christmas is only 5 months away. You’re welcome. Did I just stress you out? Doesn’t change the fact that you should start buying gifts like a boss, now. If you need a break from said gift purchasing and you want to beat the heat, here is a list of my favorite Holiday flicks (in no particular order).

PS- I’m a big fan of shiny things.


Black Christmasblack-christmas_hq 

Crazy killer on the loose after a house full of sorority girls? Happy Holidays, Ladies. Weird Fact: The film is based a a string of actual murders in Canada around Christmas. Yikes.

Gremlins-poster-1984Always pay attention to directions when caring for a gift.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacationnational-lampoons-christmas-vacation-1 

   Classic Chevy Chase


Man-child and comic genius, Will Ferrell. “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

Edward Scissor Hands


Tim Burton at his Burton-y best. Johnny Depp plays an oddball like nobody’s business.


The Family Stone  

family stone

Hands down, one of my all time faves, period. You’ll laugh, cry, and contemplate life.

Miracle on 34th Streetmiracle-on-34th-street-movie-poster-1947-1020517152 

This film is all about believing. If you haven’t seen this, for shame.

The Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Nightmare Before Christmas 

Danny Elfman‘s voice is now burned into my memory. A great holiday meets holiday twist. This needs to be turned into a Broadway musical, already! Can someone get on that?


Bill Murray. That is all.

The Muppet Christmas Carolthe-muppet-christmas-carol-movie-poster-1992-1020190528

Who doesn’t love the Muppets? And can we get a what, what for Michael Caine?

8 Crazy Nights8 crazy nights

A little Hanukka love for you all. You can keep pretending you don’t like Adam Sandler if you want to, but we all know you watch Billy Madison when it comes on TV… every weekend.

Love Actuallylove-actually-movie-poster-2003-1020189066

Another brilliant cast. “To Me, You Are Perfect”

It’s a Wonderful Lifeits a wonderful life

 The Ultimate “What If” movie. Jimmy Stewart is a talent like no other. 

Home Alonehome-alone-movie-poster-1990-1020269039

I feel like it’s your duty to watch this every year. “Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal.”

A Christmas Storychristmas-story-quote-along

We all have a bit of Ralphie in us. Do you remember the first time you said “Fuuuuuuudge”? I do.

We wanna know what films are on your list??

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Liz grew up in northern Connecticut and was memorizing movie dialogue from Shirley Temple to A Nightmare on Elm Street at a very early age. She will watch just about any film all the way through (no matter how bad) just to prove a point. A loyal New Englander, a lover of Hollywood, and true inhabitant of The Big Apple.

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