Michael’s Best Sports Movies of All Time

sports_equipmentOh no! Another Best of List from Petrocs! Yes yes…its that time again..another subjective list to open the floodgates and allow for some spirited discussions on what is included, what was omitted, and what the hell was I thinking! This time we are going to tackle the sports movies and see if we can nail down a list that most people can “live with”. So without further ado…the best sports movies of all time. Read More →

Jeremy’s Review: ‘4 Minute Mile’ Comes Up A Bit Short At The Finish Line

4 minute mile poster

When it comes to sports movies, they are hard to tackle because you have to be careful of all of the cliches that can arise. You have hundreds of movies and at least a hundred years of the sports themselves to provide all the material you need to deep six a film about one. When I think of hockey, I can’t help but to think of Slap Shot. When I think of basketball (as an Indiana native, I guess we do this a lot), I can’t help but to think of Hoosiers. These films exist without cliche, exemplify the best a movie can be about the sport depicted in it and toe the very thin line between pulling all of the drama and comedy out of the sport possible without becoming overwrought and melodramatic. This is where most sports movies come off the rails. Does Charles-Olivier Michaud pull it off? Well, I guess you’ll have to read on, won’t you? Read More →