‘Morgan’, ‘Splice’ & ‘Species’ – Check out the 3 trailers and see the similarities


As I’m watching the new trailer for Morgan, I get deja vu. Oh, a group of scientists engineers a human, well, a female human. I think I’ve seen this before. I found two other trailers that are strikingly similar. You be the judge. I am looking forward to this movie. Yeah, it’s the same story, but sometimes, how it’s told makes all the difference.

Splice – I really liked this, but perhaps Adrian Brody had a lot to do with it. He’s just great in everything.

Species – Ok, so this is REALLY cheesy, but hey, it was the 90s.

Morgan – Terrible title. There’s nothing to give an indication of the plot.

Release Date: September 2, 2016
Directed by: Luke Scott
Written by: Seth Owen
Produced by: Ridley Scott, p.g.a.; Michael Schaefer, p.g.a.; Mark Huffam, p.g.a.
Cast: Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Paul Giamatti
A corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. She learns the event was triggered by a seemingly innocent “human,” who presents a mystery of both infinite promise and incalculable danger.
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