Celebrate Mother’s Day with a chance to win a trip to the world premiere of ‘Bad Moms’!


Celebrate Mother’s Day with a chance to win a trip to the world premiere of Bad Moms by submitting your funniest #BadMomMoment.

Juggling a career, kids, and family is a 24/7 ‘round­the­clock job that can be overwhelming and under-appreciated at times. And a lot of times, those moments end up making pretty hilarious stories. You know, accidentally packing tampons in your kid’s lunch. Reaching for diaper rash cream instead of toothpaste. Putting the left shoe on the right foot. Sometimes you just need a break. If you also need better baby supplies, visit www.elitebaby.us/collections/nursing-covers

The kids are driving you crazy and you just want to run away. So why don’t you? Make sure the kids are in a safe place and go sit in your bedroom with the door closed and locked for a few minutes. Grab a coffee or a cookie on your way in there, too. If you need to blast some music to drown out the calls of your needy, irritating children, go for it. As long as they’re safe, they will be okay for a few moments so you can refocus and get some much needed peace.

So eff it. No one’s perfect so give up the guilt and be a “bad mom” for a minute. Do a little something for yourself: ditch the PTA and get an ETA on your next massage. Swap the Happy Meal with Happy Hour and down a shot or two. Skip the bedtime story and whip out 50 Shades of Grey. Share your funniest #BadMomMoment for a chance to win BIG. Check out BadMomMoment.com for all the details.

Watch the Bad Moms trailer starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Annie Mumolo, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Christina Applegate

Bad Moms hits theaters July 29th

Jada Pinkett Smith Not Returning for Season 2 of ‘Gotham’


Well now this is a shocking development. During her visit to “Live with Kelly and Michael” on Friday, actress Jada Pinkett Smith dropped a bombshell about her future on the hit Fox show “Gotham.” When asked about her return for a second season, the actress responded:

“I don’t think so, no,” Smith said. “I signed for a year and the year is up.”

Whoa?! Is this the end of Fish Mooney?! With five episodes left in season one, I guess we will find out sooner than later. But one thing’s for sure, the actress believes there’s a lot more in the cards for season one:

“There are some great things coming ahead on ‘Gotham,’” Smith stated, “Believe you me. There’s a lot of good stuff coming.”

Gotham returns April 13th at 8pm

You can check out the interview below

TV: ‘Gotham’- Midseason Wrap Up

Gotham-TV-Show-batman-37095290-3206-2048We have reached the halfway point of Fox’s newest drama Gotham and what a ride it’s been. The show follows the back story of some of the Batman franchise’s most memorable characters but the show focuses on Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and his crusade to clean up the crime in Gotham City. The story is intertwined with back stories into the Falcone and Maroni crime families as well as the mythology of the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Detective Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue), a corrupt and brutish cop with a dislike for following the rules must navigate the rocky landscape that is the politics of Gotham and find a way to create law and order in the chaos. Read More →