‘Make Me A Pizza’ (SXSW 2024) delivers hot comedy

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Order up on filmmaker Talia Shea Levin‘s bold Midnight short MAKE ME A PIZZA. Made to look like a cliché 80s porno, this short had me bursting with laughter a minute in. The brilliant, over-the-top performances, side-splitting dialogue, and familiar-sounding score deliver. This short is part comedy, part fetish video, and all jaw-dropping weirdness. SXSW 2024 audiences will pun quite intended, eat it up. Talk about food porn. You’re welcome.

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Talia Shea Levin


Kara Grace Miller, Talia Shea Levin


Talia Shea Levin, Woody Coyote


Vittoria Campaner


Lynn Hong

Production Designer:

Amelia Steely

Sound Designer:

Ethan Gustavson and Drummond L Dominguez-Kincannon at Somepoint Sound


Matthew Bernstein

Principal Cast:

Woody Coyote, Sophie Neff

Additional Credits:

Associate Producer, 1st AD: Sofie Somoroff, Intimacy Coordinator: Felicia Armstrong, SFX Hair & Make-Up: Asia Cataldo, Art Director: Rose Michels, Special Props Fabricator: Tay Kaltman, Gaffer: Ingrid Sanchez, Sound Mixer: Alejandro Villaseñor, Visual Effects: Zach Moore, Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli at Ethos Studio, Poster Designer: Wyatt Welles

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