GRIMMFEST 2022 review: Here’s a warning, DO NOT eat while watching ‘FEED ME’


GRIMMFEST 2022 film FEED ME is perhaps the most fucked up buddy comedy of all time. Let me clarify. Somehow, after the death of his wife, falling into a deep depression, and enduring relentless night terrors, Jed finds himself agreeing to die at the hands of a cannibal named Lionel. Jed is trapped by enigmatic visions of his wife and by Lionel’s flippant whims. 

The production team deserves all the awards for their sets and costumes. If The Saw Franchise and Texas Chainsaw Massacre had a baby set, it would be that of Lionel’s house. It’s the filthiest, most bizarre thing. Looking in every direction makes you gag and/or want to book a tetanus shot. The attention to detail is chef’s kiss.

I cannot be the first person to say that Lionel is essentially a cannibalistic version of Ted Lasso. Not only does Neal Ward sound like him, but he could be related to Jason Sudeikis. His comic timing and wildly weird behavior make FEED ME as successful as it is. Whereas Christopher Mulvin, as Jed, plays the straight man, tortured physically and haunted psychologically. They balance each other. 

FEED ME is infinitely unpredictable and isn’t that what we want in a year where horror has been on everyone’s lips? This film is deranged. Writer-director Adam Leader and Richard Oakes leave the audience simultaneously gagging and begging for more. 

  • Year:
  • Runtime:
    96 minutes
  • Language:
  • Country:
    United Kingdom
  • Premiere:
    UK Premiere
  • Rating:
  • Director:
    Adam Leader, Richard Oakes
  • Screenwriter:
    Adam Leader, Richard Oakes
  • Cast:
    Christopher Mulvin, Neal Ward, Hannah Al Rashid, Samantha Loxley

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