Review: ‘Stormchaser’ is electric with potential.

All Bonnie Blue ever wanted was to chase tornadoes with her Dad. But dreams die with time. Now, she’s become a different kind of storm chaser, hawking storm doors “door-to-door” for her charismatic boss, Flip Smyth: a cultish father figure who preaches Disaster Capitalism to Bonnie and his tribe of sales guys. As she realizes that Flip’s doctrine of “Flip the Switch!” is just a way to exploit customers, a different kind of switch flips inside Bonnie — unleashing an inner and outer storm of violence.

Breathtaking cinematography combined with Mary Birdsong‘s performance makes Stormchaser an awesome first episode into the world of Bonnie Blue. It was not what I was expecting at all. The toxic masculinity that she must battle is all too familiar but also genuinely hilarious. What fully transpires next is a little up to the interpretation of the viewer. Bonnie takes back her power and perhaps harnesses a bit from an incoming tornado. The potential here is massive. Writer/director Gretl Claggett has left this story with enough intrigue to go in any direction she wants. You can see why it’s won awards during its festival run. With an episodic series in the works, Stormchaser will easily blow you away.

Stormchaser writer/director Gretl Claggett

Gretl is currently developing STORMCHASER into an episodic anthology series, while writing/developing two other female-forward shows/films that also grapple with socio-political issues in entertaining, surprising ways.

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