Review: ‘The Drag Roast of Heklina’ brings the shade.


Revry presents THE DRAG ROAST OF HEKLINA featuring a talented dais of roasters including noted LGBTQ celebrities, Alaska Thunderfuck, Jackie Beat, Jinkx Monsoon, Bob the Drag Queen, Sister Roma, Julie Brown, and Peaches Christ.  Watch as a panel of iconic drag superstars and comedians grill drag legend Heklina.
These queens bring some serious funny to a legendary roast. With stand out performances from Jinkx Monsoon, weird and wonderful moments from Julie Brown, and the shadiest of ladies, Alaska Thunderfuck, drag legend Heklina gets her ass handed to her. But this show isn’t just beautiful drag queens making fun of each other in the most brutal of ways, it’s also a perfect reminder of how incredible the drag community is. While they do joke, they also care deeply. Drag is a brilliant cultural phenomenon. It allows openminded people to share love, life, fashion, performance and everything in between. Ru Paul’s Drag Race, in particular, has given so many of these ladies the exposure and platform they need to advance their careers and to teach every generation what it means to be sickening. It’s important to honor this art and there’s certainly nothing wrong with laughing along the way. The Roast Of Heklina is now available on .

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