Review: Mads Mikkelsen gives warmth to ‘Arctic’

An official selection of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, Arctic is an agonizing tale, set in the blistering cold, and is beautiful yet terrifying. First time writer and director, Joe Penna, purposely kept dialogue to a minimum to capture his audience and it really works. 

Penna has a popular YouTube Channel, MysteryGuitarMan, where he realized that he could reach a wider audience by focusing on the visuals rather than dialogue. He researched and spoke with practiced Arctic pilots as well as other experts. He co-wrote the script with Ryan Morrison.

Arctic does not give the audience an easy way out, as you really need to pay attention to everything you see on the screen. There is very little context and that makes for an enjoyable viewing experience where you really get into the mind of Overgård (Mads Mikkelsen) who has adapted to his predicament with a resourcefulness that’s quite impressive.

The result is an evenly paced yet riveting drama where the viewer is left with a feeling of hope in humanity.

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