Interactive Video Installation at New York Film Festival’s Convergence

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Featuring works by: Daniel Scheinert, Billy Chew, Lawrence Chen, Sandeep Parikh and Casey Donahue

Audiences are invited to experience four interactive shorts for the new entertainment platform for interactive storytelling, Eko: The Gleam, an interactive documentary about a small town paper; Ticking Bomb where two men’s paths violently collide; That Moment When, a comedy that asks the viewer to navigate a battery of awkward conversations; and Now/Then, a Rashomon-inspired story focused on the various perspectives swirling around a relationship on the rocks.

All shorts will be available to experience at: NYFF’s Convergence

Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center
(144 W 65th Street. / Lincoln Center)
Saturday & Sunday, October 1 & 2


By Daniel Scheinert and Billy Chew

Created by Daniel Scheinert (Swiss Army Man, Possibilia) and Billy Chew, The Gleam is an interactive documentary film that explores the town of Guntersville, Alabama through its local newspaper, The Advertiser-Gleam. Encounters with the town’s vibrant personalities and events are presented within the documentary’s mosaic format, which gives each viewer a personal and insightful look into this community.


Elite Daily & Eko
Directed by Casey Donahue

Uncover for yourself the conflicting memories and unreliable interpretations of events leading to a couple’s breakup. Then/Now is a scripted narrative that presents multiple perspectives of a relationship. It’s up to you to piece together these fragments in order to gain a broader understanding of their disputed past.

Cast: Ingrid Haas, Brooks Morrison, Brad Gage, Lauren Schacher


Directed by Sandeep Parikh

We’ve all been there: you’re at a party speaking with someone who seems to know you and you think you know them but just can’t remember his name. Starring Milana Vayntrub, That Moment When is a short-form comedy where you will need to help Jill remember her friend’s name or risk her looking like a self-centered jerk.

Cast: Milana Vayntrub


Directed by Lawrence Chen

Set to Aloe Blacc’s harrowing song, Ticking Bomb presents two parallel worlds focused on two men. Their paths collide in a volatile encounter that triggers irreversible consequences for them both. This interactive experience allows you to switch between the perspective of the two characters as well as actors, revealing that the differences between class, race, good and evil are not as clear as we imagined.

Cast: Brett Aresco, Ugo Anyanwu, Briana Pozner

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