Flixtape by Netflix – 5 things to know about creating your own playlists!


I’ve wanted this for years. I read about how people create their own channels in the sci-fi novel Ready Player One, and now Netflix has finally created it!


  1. You don’t have to be logged in to create, but you do have to be logged in to play.
  2. You can search title, genres, but not actors or directors.
  3. Cover art is not the image, but the drawing around it. Click and hold on the circle with the pencil inside to see different options.
  4. You can share via Facebook, Twitter or a shareable link. *The short link doesn’t seem to be working as of now (7:53am 7/18/16), but since it copies for you, just paste once it pops up “Link Copied” and it’ll work.*
  5. You aren’t able to access these playlists inside Netflix, so you’ve got to keep track of them.


I created a Quentin Tarantino Mixtape to get you started!



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