3 Movies For the Price of 1: The Animal Trilogy: ‘Buzzard,’ ‘Ape,’ ‘Coyote’ at BAM


BAMcinématek presents a sneak preview of Joel Potrykus’ Buzzard followed by a Q&A with Potrykus and the two preceding films in his acclaimed Animal Trilogy.

Sneak preview: Buzzard
With Joshua BurgeJoel PotrykusTeri Ann Nelson

2014, 97min

In the concluding chapter of Michigan underground filmmaker Joel Potrykus’ acclaimed Animal Trilogy, slacker office grunt Marty Jackitansky (Potrykus regular Joshua Burge) sticks it to his corporate overlords by committing petty embezzlement and living large on the meager profits. A paranoid freak out drives him on the run, simmering with rage and armed with a Nintendo Power Glove retrofitted with knife blades. Potrykus’ latest is “a sustained burst of punk-rock ferocity, and one of the most original American films to emerge in some time” (Calum Marsh, Village Voice). An Oscilloscope Pictures release.


With Joshua BurgeMichael SaundersJohnny Weekend
2010, 24min

A junkie (Burge) shoots heroin by day and transforms into a werewolf by night in this grimy, French New Wave-inspired monster movie shot on Super 8.

With Joshua BurgeGary BosekDaniel Falicki
2012, 86min

A scuzzy transmission of black comic rage from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Potrykus’ surreal character study follows an unfunny stand-up comedian and pyromaniac (Burge) whose sad sack existence consists of bombing at the local comedy club and setting anything and everything on fire. But then he makes a deal with the devil, and this biting anti-comedy goes wildly off the rails. Potrykus “proves a maestro of despair and discomfort” (The New York Times) in his feature debut. A Factory 25 release.


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