Will It Be Peter Parker or Miles Morales as the MCU’s Spider-Man?


Interesting news coming out of this week’s Meet The Movie Press show (which I’m available for guys..let me know) where The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider was a guest. He made some comments in regards to the ethnicity of the future incarnation of Spider-Man and which possible version of the web slinger we could see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and upcoming Sony sequel. Jeff stated that he  was “95% sure” that Marvel’s incarnation of Spider-Man would not be white. A move that might come as a shock to some. He also said he didn’t think it would be Peter Parker, and that even if it was he would be “most likely, black”, with a chance he could be Latino.

Since the podcast, Jeff has taken to Twitter to discuss the topic and add some interesting comments that will no doubt continue to  spark good conversation amongst the fans:



Obviously nothing is set in stone and until Marvel and Sony announce the casting of the new Spider-Man we will need to wait, but it will be interesting how they will handle the first involvement of our friendly neighborhood web head in his first MCU film!

Who would you like to see play the character and would it be Peter Parker or Miles Morales?

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