NBC Considering a Move for ‘Constantine’


One of the best shows on television has had a difficult time finding an audience in its first season. NBC’s Constantine has been well written and, more importantly, well acted, but NBC has mishandled the show from the beginning and is now on the verge of making a monumental change. After the network decided to limit the first season order to 13 episodes, a move many considered the death blow for the show, NBC has now began to rethink its position and are considering moving the show to its sister station SyFy. Word also comes that the show could take on the title Hellblazer, and perhaps be even closer to the comics on which it is based.

At this stage this is no more than a rumor so keep checking back as we monitor the situation.

What do you think of a move for the show? Has NBC dropped the ball again?! Will a move save the show or doom it for good? Sound off!

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