Melissa Says: ‘We Are The Giant’ is eye-opening & inspiring


We Are The Giant. As in, the government is David and the people are Goliath. What I loved most about this documentary was that it never pushed any political agenda, that was just a backdrop to a story about people who are fighting for the right to protest the government. As an American, this is so troubling to me. However, the people are completely inspiring. Showing in New York at Cinema Village.

Meet the subjects

Osama Ben-Sadik – Benghazi, Libya
Osama Ben-Sadik is the father of the Libyan-American Muhannad Ben-Sadik, who was
killed while fighting alongside the rebels in Brega, Libya. Despite his initial skepticism and
fear, he joined the opposition forces at his son’s behest and was greatly influenced by the
young man’s compassion, commitment and sacrifice. He divides his time between
Martinsville, Virginia and Benghazi, Libya.

Ghassan Yassin – Aleppo, Syria
A prominent activist of the Syrian revolution, Yassin was working as a cab driver when he
helped organize the first non-violent protest in Aleppo. During his arrest and torture by the
Assad regime, he was overjoyed, despite his horrifying circumstances, to overhear a
fellow prisoner talking about the spreading protests. Currently living in near exile, he
works across the border to assist the rebellion. Both the ISIS and the Assad regime want
Ghassan Yassin dead or alive.

Motaz Murad – Dariya, Syria
One of the leaders of the non-violent resistance in Dariya, Syria, Murad has been
engaging in non-violent protest since the 1990s. Prior to the revolution, he spent two
years in prison during which time he was repeatedly tortured by the Assad regime. Murad,
who has remained in his embattled neighborhood, has never taken up arms and
continues to organize acts of non-violent resistance. Both ISIS and the Assad regime
want Motaz Murad dead or alive.

Zainab AlKhawaja – Manama, Bahrain
A Bahraini human rights activist, wife and mother, AlKhawaja rose to prominence in 2011
thanks to her live tweeting of the Bahraini revolution under the moniker @AngryArabiya.
Although she has only engaged in non-violent resistance, she has been arrested multiple
times and is currently in jail for “inciting hatred against the regime.” Her father,
internationally acclaimed human rights activist Abdulhadi AlKhawaja, was recently
sentenced to life imprisonment for participating in acts of non-violent resistance in

Maryam AlKhawaja – Stateless
26-year-old human rights defender Maryam AlKhawaja was banned from her home
country of Bahrain after participating in early protests against the government. A tireless
activist, she lectures and lobbies around the world. AlKhawaja is also the acting president
of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, having had to take over the reins after the arrest
of Bahraini Opposition party leader and the Center’s former head, Nabeel Rajab. Her
father, human rights activist Abdulhadi AlKhawaja, was recently sentenced to life
imprisonment for participating in acts of non-violent resistance in Bahrain

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