Michael’s Review & Interview: ‘The Houses That October Built’- Can You Survive The Night?

HOB_Theatrical_HICIt’s October, and haunted houses across the country begin to resurface for another year of thrilling those who seek out the scariest of the attractions. The House October Built is a love letter to all those fans. Director Bobby Roe took the concept of haunted houses and used it as an idea for a new found footage horror film that attempts to recreate the experience of walking through a haunted house, while also expanding on the legends that pop up every year of an “extreme” haunted house that must sought to be found. There is a dark world of lurking beneath the floorboards of these attractions, are you ready to peel back the curtain?

HOB_STILL_5The story follows a group of friends, Zack, Bobby, Brandy, Mikey, and Jeff, who rent an RV, and embark on a road trip to find the scariest and most realistic haunted houses in America. Their journey leads to them to find some of the most disturbing and strange experiences of their lives. Their first stop, the Haunt House in Texas, is where the group experiences a run in with a few of the attraction actors after Mikey does something disrespectful to the house. The group gets away, but they fear that they may have been followed. Strange occurrences begins to effect the trip and with each new attraction, it  becomes abundantly clear that not everything is as it seems.  Zack discovers a connection to one of the most secretive haunts in America. The group reluctantly agrees to accompany him to Baton Rouge, LA to find this hidden gem.  As their journey reaches their intended destination, will the group find what they have been searching for, or will they get more than what they bargained for?


It’s hard to believe its taken the found footage sub genre this long to take on this subject.  Director Bobby Roe, who also starred and wrote the film along with co-stars Zack Andrews and Jeff Larson, creates a spooky tale set as a documentary and achieves a terrifying horror experience for the audience. With each stop adds more intrigue to the story and the anticipation of what will come next keeps you engaged throughout the entirety of the film. The acting in this film is surprisingly enjoyable. Each actor strays away from cliches while never taking the audience for granted and lends a believability to their character which is usually lacking in this kinds of films.

Overall, The Houses October Built is a great Halloween film that will have you thinking twice before entering your next haunted house


3 out of 5

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